Vol. 37 • November 2003 • No. 3

In Brief 1
Letters 4
Tracking the Economy 6
Taking Note Decline of the Banana Empire? 7
Ballvé, Teo
Update/Bolivia A New Day for Bolivia 8
Schultz, Jim
Update/Zapatistas The Zapatistas at Ten 11
Ross, John
Update/WTO Globalizing Resistance in Cancún 16
Ballvé, Teo
Latin America at the Crossroads: An Introductory Essay 20
Hershberg, Eric
Changing the Terms of the Debate: A Report from Antigua 24
Rosen, Fred
Development: Unthinking the Past 29
Nurse, Keith
People First: Standing up to the Washington Consensus 34
Montaño, Cecilia López
Valuing the Work of Women 36
Williams, Mariama
Local Development in the Global Economy 40
Sáinz, Juan Pablo Pérez & Andrade-Eekhoff, Katharine
iYA! Youth Activism 48

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