Vol. 37 • September 2003 • No. 2

In Brief 1
Taking Note Colombia: Into the Heart of Darkness 7
Update/Dominican Republic: The Deportees 8
Brotherton, David
COPS The Rise of Crime, Disorder and Authoritarian Policing 12
Amar, Paul E. & Schneider, Cathy
Law Enforcement in Mexico: Not Yet Under Control 17
Davis, Diane E.
Guns, Trade and "Control" 18
Ross, John
Robocop in Mexico City 22
Llopart, Jordi Pius
Jamaica: Negotiating Law and Order with the Dons 25
Rapley, John
Contested Battlefields: Policing in Caracas and La Paz 30
Ungar, Mark
Reform in Rio: Reconsidering the Myths of Crime and Violence 37
Amar, Paul E.
Reviews 46
Ballvé, Teo
iYA! Youth Activism 48

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