Vol. 36 • July 2002 • No. 1

In Brief 1
Open Forum 4
Volk, Steven
Taking Note 7
CRISIS in the Americas Argentina Columbia Venezuela 8
The Remarkable Fall and Rise of Hugo Chávez 9
Rosen, Fred & Ellner, Steve
Venezuela: "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" 16
Beasley-Murray, Jon
Venezuela's Oil Reform and Chavismo 21
López-Maya, Margarita & Lander, Luis
New Colombian President Promises More War 24
Hagen, Jason
Why Argentina Crashed and Is Still Crashing 30
Hershberg, Eric
Cutbacks Threaten Argentina's Children-and Future 34
Gaudin, Andrés
"Throw Them All Out": Argentina's Grassroots Rebellion 38
Burbach, Roger
Book Review 48
Gallo, Carmenza

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