Vol. 34 • May 2001 • No. 6

In Brief 1
Open Forum 4
Poole, Deborah
Taking Note 7
A Bitter Taste: Struggling for Just the Minimum 8
Laslett, Michael
Just a Little Respect: Community Mothers Fight for Their Rights 12
Maldonado, Victoria
The Social Origins of Race Race and Racism in the Americas, Part I 15
Reconstructing Race: Racism, Culture and Mestizaje in Latin America 16
Cadena, Marisol de la
Contesting the Images of Oppression: Indigenous Views of Blackness in the Americas 24
Whitten, Norman & Corr, Rachel
The Resurgence of Racism in Cuba 29
Fuente, Alejandro de la
"Only My Hairdresser Knows for Sure": Stories of Race, Hair and Gender 35
Badillo, Casandra
Race, Class and Color: Behind Brazil's "Racial Democracy" 38
Guimarães, Antonio Sérgio
Latinos and the "Other Race" Option: Transforming U.S. Concepts of Race 40
Morales, Pablo
Stories of Self-Definition 41
Rodríguez, Clara E.
Books 54
Rénique, Gerardo

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