Vol. 34 • March 2001 • No. 5

In Brief 1
Open Forum 4
Bedoya, Jineth
Letters 6
Taking Note 7
Bolivia's New Wave of Protest 8
Farthing, Linda & Kohl, Ben
The Body Politic Gender in the New World Order 12
Making Fantasies Real: Producing Women and Men on the Maquila Shop Floor 13
Salzinger, Leslie
Machos and Machetes in Guatemala's Cane Fields 16
Oglesby, Elizabeth
Colonization of the Cuban Body: The Growth of Male Sex Work in Havana 20
Hodge, G. Derrick
Havana's Jineteras 24
Abiodun, Nehanda
Latin America Feminism: Gains, Losses and Hard Times 29
Barrig, Maruja
The Eighth Encuentro 32
Beckman, Ericka
Standing Fast in Mexico: Protecting Women's Rights in a Hostile Climate 36
Lamas, Marta
Bodies in Contention 41
Franco, Jean
Books 50
Stephen, Lynn

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