Vol. 33 • November 1999 • No. 3

In Brief 1
Open Forum: U.S Colombia Policy: A Willful Myopia 4
Smyth, Frank
Taking Note 5
Y2K Anxieties in Panama 6
Lindsay-Poland, John
Haiti Undone 10
Orenstein, Catherine
Contested Terrain The U.S.-Mexico Borderlands 13
Borderless Economy, Barricaded Border 14
Andreas, Peter
This Coyote's Life 22
Spener, David
Work, Sex and Danger in Ciudad Juárez 24
Nathan, Debbie
Tijuana's Toxic Waters 31
Saldaña, Lori
The Changing Face of Border Culture Studies 36
Zúñiga, Victor
Identity and Empowerment on the Border 40
Villa, Pablo
Reviews 56

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