Vol. 32 • March 1999 • No. 5

Newsbriefs 1
Taking Note 5
Truth-Telling and Memory in Postwar Guatemala: An Interview with Rigoberta Menchú 6
Burt, Jo-Marie & Rosen, Fred
On Rigoberta, Guerrillas and Academics: An Interview with David Stoll 8
Dudley, Steven
A Military Populist Takes Venezuela 11
López-Maya, Margarita & Lander, Luis
The Cuban Revolution: Resilience and Uncertainty 17
Parker, Dick
Sea Changes: The New Cuban Economy 21
Monreal, Pedro
The High Cost of Dollars 24
Hammond, Jack
The Virtues and Misfortunes of Civil Society 30
Dilla, Haroldo
Inequality and Anomie 34
Milán, Guillermo
Thinking About Socialism: The New Cuban Social Sciences 37
Martín, Juan Luis
Washington Loosens the Knot (Just a Little) 41
Brenner, Philip
Reviews 58
Document: UN Guatemala Recommendations 60

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