Vol. 31 • May 1998 • No. 6

Newsbriefs 1
Letters 4
Burbach, Roger
Taking Note 5
Testing NAFTA's Labor Side Agreement 6
Bacon, David
UNDER FIRE: Menemismo and the Politics of Opposition in Argentina 10
Vilas, Carlos M.
Shifting Alliances: Party Politics in Argentina 11
Novaro, Marcos
Menem's Great Swindle: Convertibility, Inequality and the Neoliberal Shock 16
Azpiazu, Daniel & Basualdo, Eduardo M. & Nochteff, Hugo J.
Argentine Labor: A Movement in Crisis 20
Cieza, Daniel
Mercosur: The Prospects for Regional Integration 25
Schvarzer, Jorge
Recapturing the Memory of Politics 28
Izaguirre, Inés
Reflections on Contemporary Argentine Culture 35
Ford, Aníbal & Elbaum, Jorge
Latin America and Caribbean Resource Guide 40
Reviews 48
Spalding, Hobart

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