Vol. 31 • September 1997 • No. 2

Newsbriefs 1
Taking Note 5
Ortiz, Irene & FR
The Peruvian Crucible: Reflections of a Hostage 6
Canseco, Javier Diez
Election Day in Chiapas: A Low-Intensity War 10
Stephen, Lynn
GETTING OUR WAY Clinton's Latin America Policy 12
"The Only War We've Got". Drug Enforcement in Latin America 13
The Growing Traffic in Arms 19
Klare, Michael
Clinton, NAFTA and the Politics of U.S. Trade 22
Hansen-Kuhn, Karen
Waving the Big Stick: The Helms-Burton Affair 27
Smith, Wayne
Development Aid: Some Small Steps Forward 29
Haugaard, Lisa
The Art of Coup: A Paper Trail of Covert Actions in Guatemala 34
Doyle, Kate
Reviews 46

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