Vol. 29 • September 1995 • No. 2

Newsbriefs 1
Letters 4
Taking Note 5
CUBA Adapting to a Post-Soviet World 6
Cuba's Economic Conundrum 7
Pastor, Manuel Jr. & Zimbalist, Andrew
The New Agrarian Reforms 13
Deere, Carmen Diana
Life in the Special Period 18
Calderón, Mirta Rodríguez
The Social Repercussions of the Crisis 20
McFadyen, Deidre
Rethinking the Revolution: Nine Testimonies from Cuba 23
Clinton's Cuba Calculus 33
Brenner, Philip & Kornbluh, Peter
The Myth of the Miami Monolith 40
Elliston, Jon
The Meaning of "Cuba": Four Personal Reflections 42
Reviews 56

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