Vol. 28 • September 1994 • No. 2

Newsbriefs 1
Letters 4
Taking Note 5
R, F
Ecuador: The People vs. Texaco 6
Switkes, Glenn
Ecotourism: A Sustainable Alternative 9
Colvin, Jean G.
Panama: The Opposition Returns to Power 11
Priestley, George
The Candidates 13
Priestley, George
What's Left of the Intelligentsia? The Uncertain Future of the Printed Word 16
Franco, Jean
The Soul of the Barrio: 30 Years of Salsa 22
Manuel, Peter
Musica Against Drugs: Fighting AIDS with Salsa 26
Schneider, Cathy
Zapatistas On-Line 30
Halleck, Deedee
Argentina Under Menem: The Aesthetics of Domination 33
Sarlo, Beatriz
Art and Politics: The Aesthetics of Resistance 38
Camnitzer, Luis
Reviews 48

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