Vol. 27 • September 1993 • No. 2

Letters 2
Taking Note 3
The Latin American Film Industry Takes on Hollywood 4
Lenti, Paul
Where to See Latin American Movies 9
Lenti, Paul
A Visit to Mexico's Oldest Jewish Community 10
Gardy, Alison
PERIL AND PROMISE The New Democracy in Latin America 14
Identity Crisis: The Military in Changing Times 15
Manaut, Raúl Benítez
Rules of the Game: Nicaragua's Contentious Constitutional Debate 20
McConnell, Shelley
Who Controls the National Assembly? 23
McConnell, Shelley
A Test of Judicial Authority 25
McConnell, Shelley
Almost Free, Almost Fair: Paraguay's Ambiguous Elections 26
Black, Jan Knippers
Comunero Democracy Endures in Chile 29
Rosenfeld, Stephanie
Chile and History: The Meanings of 1973 32
Volk, Steven
Invigorating the Public Debate: Popular Media in the Age of Mass Communications 35
McFadyen, Deidre
The Hour of Civil Society 38
Vilas, Carlos M.
Reviews 47

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