Vol. 25 • February 1992 • No. 4

Comment 2
QUINCENTENARY Colonial Legacy of Anti-Semitism 4
Elkin, Judith Laikin
CHILE Chiloé Island Wrestles With Free Market Forces 8
Schurman, Rachel & Sheehan, Beth
MERCOSUR Common Market Falters 11
Hinchberger, Bill
In Review 14
Blackness in the Americas 16
Whitten, Norman E. Jr. & Torres, Arlene
Brazil's Black Conciousness Movement 23
Burdick, John
Afro-Colombia denied 28
Rodríguez, Jaime Arocha
An Anatomy of Racism 32
Márquez, Roberto
Maroons of the Caribbean 34
Campbell, Mavis C.
The Long Night of Slavery 38
Burdick, John
The Myth of Racial Democracy 40
Burdick, John

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