Vol. 23 • September 1989 • No. 3

On the Record 2
Taking Note 3
GUATEMALA The Murder of An Actor and a Theater 4
Levenson, Deborah
CUBA A Talk with the Dean 6
Ridenour, Ron
ARGENTINA The Enigma of La Tablada 9
Schneider, Joe
In Review 14
FMLN NEW THINKING By Sara Miles and Bob Ostertag 15
Rethinking War 16
Héctor Recinos: Pushing from Behind 20
Miles, Sara & Ostertag, Bob
The Left Debates Insurrection 23
Ostertag, Bob & Miles, Sara
Rethinking Peace 24
Leo Cabral: Our Strategic Time is Short 28
Miles, Sara & Ostertag, Bob
Francisco Jovel: We're Not Talking About Socialism 30
Ostertag, Bob & Miles, Sara

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