Vol. 8 • June 1983 • No. 6

Beginnings 2
Letters 3
The Spice Box 8
Truman and Israel 13
Grose, Peter
JFK and the Jews 22
Fuchs, Lawrence H.
A MOMENT Interview with Walter Mondale 29
Dialogue: Assessing Affirmative Action 33
Dershowitz, Alan Dershowitz, Nathan
Tuna Fish and The Tz'dakah Habit 41
Bringing Home Jerusalem's Treasures 43
Gingold, Barbara
My Ghetto, Then and Now 48
Cureton, George
Mountains and Molehills 52
Urofsky, Melvin I.
Our People/An Emotional Time Bomb 59
Cowan, Paul and Rachel
No, Dr. Jaffe 61
Loup, Robert E.
The MOMENT Classified 64

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