Vol. 8 • May 1983 • No. 5

Beginnings 2
Letter 3
The Spice Box 8
Congressman Barney Frank 13
To The Four Corners Of The Earth 18
Sobel, B. Z.
Mission Implausible 24
Klein, Yossi
Maybe It's Brodsky 30
Kugelmass, Jack
When National Pastimes Collide 37
Ollander, Joel
Superman, Wonder Woman . . . And Sholem the Golem 39
Lens, Sidney
An Hour After You Read This Article You'll Be Hungry 43
Husock, Howard
The Music Makers 45
Creature (a story translated by Joan Bernick) 50
Aleichem, Sholom
Three Yiddish Poems (translated by Seymour Mayne) 55
Sutzkever, Abraham
Noah's Friends: A Midrash for Children 58
Gellman, Marc
Our People/Jews By Choice-And Acceptance 60
Cowan, Paul and Rachel
Marrying Into Memory 62
Abelson, Norman
The MOMENT Classified 64

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