Vol. 8 • January 1983 • No. 2

Beginnings 2
Letters 3
The Spice Box 8
UNreal World: A MOMENT Interview 13
Hottelet, Richard C.
The Continuing Education Of Ambassador Arens 17
Soviet Jewry: Four Etudes In A Movement 20
Goodman, Jerry
The State Of Our Dreams 25
Klein, Yossi
Conversion Play 41
Nesvisky, Matthew
Re: Generations 48
Havidui Hagadol (The Great Confession) 49
Shamosh, Amnon
Portraits At A Condominium 50
Kupfer, Fern
His Mother 56
Starkman, Elaine Marcus
Yizkor 59
Stein, Toby
Using Restraint 62
Lovenheim, Peter

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