Vol. 7 • September 1982 • No. 8

Beginnings 2
Letters 3
The Spice Box 7
Days of Awe 13
Fein, Leonard
Hating Jews 19
mutter, Nathan Perl
Immigrants from the Woodstock Nation 23
Bush, Lawrence
From "Laybe-Layzar's Courtyard" (a story for the new year) 25
Grade, Chaim
Pomegranates and Other Words For Our Time 41
Ben-Gurion and Sharett on the Lebanon Problem 43
Letters, An Exchange of
Andres Amutio's Minstrels, Jugglers, Bell-capped Fools 46
Grunfeld, Frederic
The Last Hineni: A Midrash 62
Gellman, Marc

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