Vol. 7 • July 1982 • No. 7

Beginnings 2
Letters 3
The Spice Box 8
Thinking About Lebanon 13
Fein, Leonard
A MOMENT Interview With Alan Dershowitz 17
What American Jews Believe 23
Cohen, Steven M.
Anti-Semitism In The Women's Movement 28
Menachem (Continued) 35
Cottle, Tom
Sit-in At The Shul 37
Chiel, Arthur
My Father, My Self (a story) 40
Halperin, Irving
Golden Hands 46
Rockland, Mae
Independence Day In Kiryat Shmoneh 54
Bossin, Gadi
The Talmud And The College Loan Program, Etc. 56
Saperstein, David

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