Vol. 7 • May 1982 • No. 5

Beginnings 2
Letters 3
The Spice Box 8
American Jews and the West Bank 11
The Age of Auschwitz, The Nuclear Age 13
Breakstone, David
Peaceloving At The UN 17
Korey, William
The People of the (Yiddish) Book (Exchange) 21
Krasno, Francine
The Last Angry Men Menachem 25
Cottle, Tom
A MOMENT Interview with Tom Cottle 28
Charlotte: A Review 39
Felstiner, John
Have You Seen the Survey Yet? 43
Rosenbaum, Aaron
The Crier and the Shepherd: A Midrash for Children 46
Gellman, Marc
Herzl: Pariah, Parvenu, Political Zionist 48
Kornberg, Jacques
The 92nd Mitzvah 52
Geismar, Helaine
Also Portugal 54
Stiller, Nikki
Gleanings of Shavuot 62
Fields, Harvey

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