Vol. 6 • September 1981 • No. 8

Beginnings 2
Letters 4
The Spice Box 10
Editorial: Blood and Paint and Beirut 14
Fein, Leonard
Rosh Hashanah and the Moral Imagination 16
Memories and Premonitions 18
A Legacy 19
Klein, Yossi
A Memory (Translated by Adele Milch) 25
Korczak, Janusz
A Warning 30
Pisar, Samuel
Who Is A Jew? 33
Gerson Cohen 34
Alexander Schindler 37
Levi Horowitz 40
Seasons Of The Sun, Seasons of The Moon 45
That's Funny, You Don't Cook Jewish 49
Machlin, Edda Servi
The Found Art of Papercutting/The New Jewish Yellow Pages Update 54
Rockland, Mae Shafter
Letter From Russia 61
Mann, Ted

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