Vol. 6 • June 1981 • No. 6

Beginnings 2
Letters 3
The Spice Box 7
Berkowitz, Joshua
Haig, Timerman And Human Rights 11
Lewis, Anthony
Washington Slips On The AWACS 12
Fein, Leonard
June 30,1981: Israel Votes 19
The Conversion of Caitlin O'Sullivan 25
Syme, Daniel
Jewish Is Becoming 29
Kotz, Mary Lynn
Lost In America 35
A Yiddish Poem Itself 46
Fein, Richard
An Existential Crisis On TheLong Island Railroad 48
Bluestone, Naomi
Why History, Why Funerals? 51
Hux, Samuel
A Vacationer's Guide to Artists'Studios 55
Rockland, Mae
Improving The Jewish Community 61
Mann, Ted

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