Vol. 5 • October 1980 • No. 9

Beginnings 2
Letters 4
Perspective 5
Eban, Abba
The Spice Box 9
Uslander, Arlene
Election '80: Jewish Unease And The Democratic Party 13
Raab, Earl
Election '80: When Heroes Are Hard To Come By 18
Fein, Leonard
Freedom Trail From Helsinki To Madrid 24
Korey, William
On Being Bernard Berenson 27
Landes, David
Three Poems 36
Amichai, Yehuda
Beautiful People, Ugly People 38
Where We Are Not 42
Tsypkin, Elena
Greenhorn 45
Bluestone, Naomi
A Me Grows in Dayton 52
Ewig, Carol
A Fall of Jerusalem (a short story) 56
Salmon, Elon
Mixed Dating, Mixed Mating, Mixed Message 62
Mirsky, Norman
The MOMENT Classified 64

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