Vol. 5 • June 1980 • No. 6

Beginnings 2
Letters 3
Perspective: Welcoming the Stranger 7
Steinitz, Lucy
A MOMENT Interview: Abba Eban 10
Gaudeamus Igitur; Jews at Harvard 18
Dor-Ner, Alexandra
Four Poems Yehudah Halevi 32
Wasserman, Michael
The Sabbath Ambush 34
Wieseltier, Leon
The Rabbi Came By Dogsled 38
Polonsky, Lester
Day Six, Day Seven 45
Grumet, Elinor
Success Story (fiction) 49
Ravel, Aviva
A Special Salesperson 55
Review: Enacting Our Texts 58
Rosenberg, Joel
The Particular Holocaust 60
Freedman, Monroe
The MOMENT Classified 62
A MOMENT Poll: The Settlements 63

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