Vol. 5 • May 1980 • No. 5

Beginnings 2
Letters 3
Norman Thomas, Where Are You Now That We Need You? 11
Fein, Leonard
A Jewry Of Our Peers 13
Frankel, Ellen
A MOMENT Interview with Immanuel Jakobovits 18
David Sharir's Imaginings 25
Tassel, Janet Quinn
Our Readers Speak: Women as Rabbis 34
The Conservative Condition 38
Szonyi, David
Peace-It's a BOR 43
Bearfield, Lev
13 Things Kids Don't Know About Tz'dakah 47
Soul's Friend (a short story) 51
Appelfeld, Aharon
Warshawsky's Songs: A Sholom Aleichem Memoir 57
Bernick, Joan
Shylock, Part II 63
Pinsker, Sanford
The MOMENT Classified 64

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