Vol. 4 • March 1979 • No. 4

Beginnings 2
Letters 4
Perspective:On Libraries, Public and PrivateYaacov Luria 8
Iran and Israel: From Intimacy to Alienation 11
Zonis, Marvin
The Issue is Conversion 17
Reaching In, Reaching Out 20
Schindler, Alexander
Comments by Wolfe Kelman 24
Comments by Leo Pfeffer 25
Comments by Harold Schulweis 27
Comments by Dannel Schwartz 28
Jews By Choice:A Discussion With Converts 29
In Tel Aviv and Boro Park 36
Epstein, Shifra
A Rosenberg By Any Other Name 47
Husock, Howard
Russia On Five Headaches A Day 49
Diamond, Sigmund
Kokomo (a story) 54
Ben-Ner, Yitzchak
The Defense of the Offense 63
Singer, David

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