Vol. 4 • December 1978 • No. 2

Beginnings 2
Letters 3
Perspective:Zentermarriage 9
Blank, William
A MOMENT Interview with Ted Mann 11
The Odd Couple: Begin and I 20
Schindler, Alexander
Making Anti-Semitism Respectable 27
Korey, William
"Evenhandedness" at the National Council of Churches 31
Rottenberg, Isaac
The Great Latke Bake-Off 37
Davis, Bob
The Year That Was: Jewish Children's Books, 1978 40
Rosen, Ellsworth
Your mother, the social worker says, "is having some trouble adjusting." (a short story) 47
Landau, Annette Henkin
My Father, Who Art in McLarnin's (a short story) 51
Levy, Mort
Beginners 58
Wilk, Melvin
Every Tenth Child 60
Faigel, Harris
The Offense of the Defense 63
Fein, Leonard

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