Vol. 1 • December 1981 • No. 7

Beginnings 2
Letters 3
The Spice Box 9
The A W A C S Aftermath 13
Rosenbaum, Aaron
A MOMENT Interview With Abba Eban 23
Encounters In Russia 30
Futterman, Don
How To Read A Yiddish Poem 34
Wolitz, Seth
Invitation To A Bar Mitzvah 37
Putting The Ah! Into Hanukkah 42
Rockland, Mae
Loving Kindness In New Jersey 48
Weingart, Devra
The Bird Feather Rainbow 51
Gellman, Marc
Get Me To A Nunnery 54
Ochs, Vanessa
Notes On The New Anti-Semitism 61
Fein, Leonard

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