Vol. 8 • January 1961 • No. 1

The United States: After The Election 3
Walzer, Michael
The United States: A Foreign Policy 6
Pachter, Henry
England: A View From The Left 11
Birnbaum, Norman
England: The Triumph Of Primitivism 16
Roche, John P.
England: Socialism And Apathy 24
Coser, Lewis
Return To India - 1960 28
Plastrik, Stanley
The Addict And The Law 43
Schur, Edwin M.
Cuba: The Two Sides Of Castro's Cuba 53
Kraus, Richard & Friedman, Edward
Cuba: "Listen Yankee!"-a Review 61
Friedenberg, Daniel M.
Language And Technological Society 66
Marcuse, Herbert
Ideology And The Beau Gesten 75
Bell, Daniel
The Nature And Limits Of Freeedom 78
Spitz, David
France: A Nation In Agony 86
Parisot, Paul
An Exemplary Life 91
Thwarting The Young 93
Sachs, David
A Compassionate View 97
Walzer, Judith
California's Death Penalty 99
Harper, Frank

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