Vol. 7 • July 1960 • No. 3

"Let Us March In Unison " 218
Kgosana, Philip
The Negroes Act The State Vs. The Student: 219
Reddich, L. D.
"We Are Not Afraid" 229
Janifer, Ellsworth
Students And Faculty 232
Gibson, William
The Politics Of The New Negro 235
Walzer, Michael
Migratory Agricultural Labor In The United States - Thestory Of A National Crisis 244
Hill, Herbert
Albert Camus 266
Chiaromonte, Nicola
Democracy In The New Nations 271
Mehta, Asoka
A Journey To Cuba 279
Friedenberg, Daniel M.
Reflections On The End Of Ideology 286
Wrong, Dennis H.
Socialism Abroad: The Revisionist Debate 292
Plastrik, Stanley
A Symposium On Tv 296
Rosenberg, Bernard & Macdonald, Dwight & Hausknecht, Murray & IrvingHowe & Haag, ErnestVan den
A Definition Of Terms 303
Newman, William J.
Sociology And The Community 307
Goodman, Paul
A Study Of King 310
M., L.
Saving The Elephant 311
Lamer, Jeremy
U-2 And Its Repercussions 313
Mendelson, Saul

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