Vol. 7 • January 1960 • No. 1

Mendès-France: Reasons for a Choice 2
The Rigged Society 3
Hausknecht, Murray
The Rigged Society 5
Rosenberg, Jay Bentham and Bernard
Steel Strikes as Lockouts 9
O'Connor, James
The New Shape of Politics: Can the U.S. Reconvert to Peace? 12
Seligman, Ben B.
The New Shape of Politics: British Labor in 1960 16
Plastrik, Stanley
The New Shape of Politics: Thoughts on "Prosperous" Communism 21
Coser, Lewis
The New Shape of Politics: Liberalism and Lassitude 25
Geltman, Emanuel
A Mind's Turnings 31
Howe, Irving
On Socialist Realism 39
American Notebook: A Program for the Nation 67
Mailer, Norman
American Notebook: Alexander Herzen-Ancestor in Defeat 71
Woodcock, George
"The Ugly American" 79
Buttinger, Joseph & Burdick, 'Eugene
Education 86
Brand, Horst & Walzer, Michael
A Nonconformist Radical Thinker 90
Singer, Herman
So Many Fallen 92
H., I.
1958-1959 INDEX 101

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