Vol. 6 • April 1959 • No. 2

The American School:Education for a Democratic Culture: I 107
Walzer, Michael
Issues and Goals in the Debate 121
Tumin, Melvin J.
Cuba's Revolt - an Historical Appraisal 129
Stecchini, Livio
Industry East and West: The Second Industrial Revolution and the Western World 134
Sternberg, Fritz
A Last Poem 149
Brecht, Bertolt
30 Years of Soviet Industrial-ization 150
Grossman, Gregory
American Notebook To Hell With Culture 162
Kramer, Hilton
The Deserted Village 168
Stein, Maurice
Prospects for a Change in the Communist World 171
Fejto, Francois
A Critical Comment 177
Pachter, Henry
A Reply to Critics 179
Arendt, Hannah
The Political Atmosphere 182
Spinrad, William
The Sophist: a Portrait 185
Domenach, Jean-Marie
C. Wright Mills' Program: Two Views 189
Muste, A. J. & Howe, Irving
An Estimate of Trotsky 196
Fromm, Erich
Seeds Beneath the Snow 198
Coser, Lewis
A First Encounter With Dostoevsky 200
Silone, Ignazio
For Men Only 201
Shapiro, Charles
Hook, Sidney & Cooperman, Dan & Foster, Charles H. & Rhyne, Laura H. & Malkin, Edward E. & Steed, Robert & Puzzled & Blanck, Betty & Berigan, Alexander

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