Vol. 5 • September 1958 • No. 4

American Notebook A Significant Victory 300
Harrington, M.
Ideology and Power Politics 301
Lowenthal, Richard
America! America! 313
Macdonald, Dwight
Diary in Exile 324
Trotsky, Leon
On "Doctor Zhivago" - an Open Letter to Nicola, Chiaro-monte 334
Abel, Lionel
Marxian Economics Revisited 342
Seligman, Ben B.
Simone de Beauvoir, or the Real Mandarin 353
When the Hundred Flowers Withered 360
Walzer, Michael
A Point of History 375
Souvarine, Boris
The Hylozoic Theory of Power 384
Pachter, Henry
The Algerian Tragedy 386
Ptastrik, Stanley
The "First Professional Revolutionary" 388
C., L.
Days in Kabylie 391
Mattei, G. M.
The Pattern of Sociological Theory 393
Rabasseire, Henri
A Modest Proposal 395
Heald, William F.

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