Vol. 5 • July 1958 • No. 3

The Fate Of France As De Gaulle Comes To Power 203
Howe, Irving
A Time Of Upheaval 208
Stecchini, Livio C.
Current Trends In U.S. Economy 212
Seligman, Ben B.
Khrushchev And The Jews 217
Howe, Irving
Twilight Of The Intellectuals 221
Rosenberg, Harold
Popular Art And Folk Art 229
Hauser, Arnold
The British Labor Party Politics And "Abundance" 238
Birnbaum, Norman
Labor And Industrial Policy 245
Shell, Kurt L.
Notes On Socialism In The Middle East 248
Thomas, Norman
Egypt And The Arab Papers And Beans 253
Ketman, Georges
The Rise Of The Arab Fellah 260
Basheer, Tahseen M.
Nightmares, Daydreams And Professor Shils 268
Coser, Lewis
American Notebook Cancer In The U.S.: An Extended Metaphor 274
Seiden, Melvin
"Golden Rule" Vs. Nuclear Tests 279
Oppenheimer, Marvin
Max Lerner's America 282
Reagan, Michael
The Test Of Torture 285
Stern, Laurent
Nkrumah 286
Kamath, M. K.
From Under The Lid 289
C., L.
Reflections On Literature As A Minor Art 291
Goodman, Paul
Letter From Italy 293
Diacono, Mario
Sibley At Stanford 295
Drinnon, Richand
Telephone ... But No Visa 296

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