Vol. 5 • January 1958 • No. 1

Book, Baran's
A First Word on Sputnik 3
Howe, Irving
Hard Hearts and Empty Heads 6
Hausknecht, Murray
Prosperity Without Welfare 9
Brand, H.
Pop Culture and Kitsch Criticism 14
Rosenberg, Harold
Socialism as Problem and Ideal Socialism and Social Classes 20
Philip, André
Confessions of an Old-Timer 32
Rabasseire, Henri
Power and the State 43
Ricoeur, Paul
Party Machines and Democragy 50
Silone, Ignazio
Germany: Doubts and Dilemmas 55
Abendroth, Wolfgang
Djilas and Bismarckian Socialism 61
Harrington, Michael
Millenarians, Totalitarians, Utopians 67
Coser, Lewis
Reflections on Hipterism -An Exchange of Views 73
Mailer, Norman & Polsky, Ned & Malaquais, Jean
Our Best Journalist 82
Goodman, Paul
But What About the Underdeveloped Countries? 89
Eckstein, George
Why Anxiety? 91
Spinrad, William
INDEX, 1956-1957 93

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