Vol. 56 • October 2009 • No. 4

Outsized Hopes, Absurd Fears 1
Kazin, Michael
Let the People Speak: Rethinking the Initiative Process 5
Rubin, Lillian B.
Iran: Downside to the "Twitter Revolotion" 10
Beethoven in the Shadows of Berlin: Karajan's European Anthem 14
Buch, Esteban
Europe's Left and the Unemployment Crisis 19
Taylor, Robert
Israeli Labor's Sad Decline and Uncertain Future 23
Taub, Gadi
It's Still the Economy 29
Levinson, Mark
The New Deal Was a Good Idea, We Should Try It This Time 31
Gordon, Linda
Welfare and the Poorest of the Poor 36
Edelman, Peter
Women, the Recession, and the Stimulus Package 42
Hartmann, Heidi
U.S Workers Confront Growing Insecurity 48
Brand, Horst
What Is to Be Learned? Thinking about 1989 55
Cohen, Mitchell
Women's Anniversaries: Snapshots of Polish Feminism since 1989 61
Snitow, Ann
Arms for the World: How the U.S. Military Shapes American Foreign Policy 69
Cohen, Michael A.
Images of Terror: Enduring the Scars of 9/11 75
Mills, Nicolaus
From Microcredit to a World Without Profit? Muhammad Yunus Wrestles with Moving Beyond a Society Based on Greed 81
Engler, Mark
Who Is Really 'Deserving'? Inequality and the Ethics of Social Inheritance 88
Daly, Gar Alperovitz and Lew
Religion as a Form of Hope: Reflections by a Lifelong Agnostic 92
Goodheart, Eugene
(Ms.)reading Erica Jong's Fear of Flying 97
Barkan, Joanne
George Scialabba's What Are Intellectuals Good For? 103
Bérubé, Michael
Mahmood Mamdani's Saviors and Survivors: Darfur, Politics, and the War on Terror 108
Reeves, Eric
The Academic Devolution 113
Williams, Jeffrey J.
Douglas Blackmon's Slavery by Another Name 118
Lichtenstein, Alex
Slavoj Zizek's In Defense of Lost Causes 122
Johnson, Alan
Liberalism and Its Friends 128
Meyerson, Harold
The High Line 132
Mills, Nicolaus

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