Vol. 54 • July 2007 • No. 3

Editor's Page 1
Cohen, Mitchell
A call to lay down arms and bring the Constitution into the twenty-first century 5
Rubin, Lillian B.
The outrage is about the Darfur genocide 9
Reeves, Eric
A liberal multiculturalism 14
Lappin, Shalom
The lack of justice at the International Court of Justice 19
Brkic, Courtney Angela
Why Aren't U.S. Cities Burning? 23
Katz, Michael B.
Against Academic Boycotts 30
Nussbaum, Martha
Designer Babies and the Pro-Choice Movement 37
Tuhus-Dubrow, Rebecca
Squeezing Public Education: History and Ideology Gang Up on New Orleans 44
Adamo, Ralph
Universal Health Insurance 2007: Can We Learn from the Past? 52
Marmor, Theodore
No Refuge Here: Iraqis Flee, but Where? 58
Huff-Hannon, Joseph
How to Tax the Rich: And Live Happily Ever After 63
Blackburn, Robin
The dreams of a non-Zionist for Israel 69
Goodheart, Eugene
Whether Dissent really named the neocons 77
Ross, Benjamin
Nick Cohen's What's Left? 79
Hari, Johann
The Rebel Within: Joseph Stiglitz and the World Bank, ed. by Ha-Joon Chang and Joseph E. Stiglitz's Globalization and Its Discontents and Making Globalization Work 86
Engler, Mark
Byron E. Shafer and Richard Johnston's The End of Southern Exceptionalism, Earl Black and Merle Black's Divided America, Thomas F. Schaller's Whistling Past Dixie Matthew D. Lassiter's The Silent Majority, and Kevin Kruse's White Flight 92
Carter, Dan T.
Thomas F. Jackson's From Civil Rights to Human Rights 97
Isserman, Maurice
Dinesh D'Souza's The Enemy at Home 102
Taylor, Charles
Martin Amis's House of Meetings 107
Marcus, David
The Last Page 112
Moore, Matt

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