Vol. 50 • September 2003 • No. 4

Editor's Page 1
Walzer, Michael
The ramifications of Lawrence v. Texas 5
Cohen, Jean L.
A conservative case for gay marriage 8
Hausknecht, Murray
The roots of Hindu nationalism 11
Bhargava, Rajeev
The value of state building 18
Englehart, Neil A.
Humiliation or Solidarity?: The Hope for a Common European Foreign Policy 23
Rorty, Richard
Is There an American Empire? 27
Walzer, Michael
Coalition of the Democracies: A New Foundation for the Transatlantic Alliance 32
Fuecks, Ralf
Two Cheers for the Blue Flag!: Assessing the United Nations 35
Williams, Ian
Sandbags Full of Money: Victim Compensation after 9/11 40
Culhane, John G.
Off the Rolls: The Ground-Level Results of Welfare Reform 48
Hays, Sharon
After SARS: Fear and Its Uses 54
Leavitt, Judith Walzer & Leavitt, Lewis A.
Multiculturalism and Welfare 59
Banting, Keith & Kymlicka, Will
Abortion politics 67
Shrage, Laurie
Abortion politics 73
Brown, Jennifer K.
Abortion politics 75
Petchesky, Rosalind P.
Abortion politics: Responds 78
Shrage, Laurie
Interpretations of "Ground Zero," 81
Ray, Gene
Interpretations of "Ground Zero,": Responds 85
Cohen, Mitchell
War and William Shakespeare 89
Harrington, Alexander
Remembers Lew Coser 93
Rule, James B.
Sharon Hays's Flat Broke with Children 95
Pimpare, Stephen
Richard A. Posner's Law, Pragmatism and Democracy 99
Rorty, Richard
Michel Houellebecq's Platform 102
Greif, Mark
Letters 107
Last Page 112
Berens, Bob

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