Vol. 4 • April 1957 • No. 2

Lynn, Conrad
A Look at Foreign Policy 99
Coser, Lewis
East Europe: Two Poems 105
Jastrun, Mieczyslaw & Wazyk, Adam
East Europe: An Eyewitness in Hungary 107
Fryer, Peter
East Europe: Intellectual Trends in Poland 113
Labedz, L.
East Europe: The Problem of "National Communism" 121
Howe, Irving
Heresy and Modern Culture 128
Chase, Richard
A Debate: The Kibbutz: Utopia in. Crisis 133
Diamond, Stanley
A Debate: Comments on Science and Socialism 140
Halpern, Ben
A Debate: A Rejoinder 146
Diamond, Stanley
The Communist Party Convention 152
Rosenberg, Bernard
London Letter 157
Walzer, Michael
Paris Letter 163
Chabrum, Jean-François
The Individual and the Mass 167
Chiaromonte, Nicola
American Notebook: The Negroes Find Their Own Way 178
Clement, Travers
American Notebook: The Unions and the 5th Amendment 181
Lens, Sid
Poujade and the Sickness of France 183
Weber, Eugen
On the Dangers of Being a Radical 189
Wheeler, J. H.
Robert Penn Warren's "Segregation" 204
Goodman, Paul

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