Vol. 4 • January 1957 • No. 1

A Letter to Russian Writers 2
Sartre, Jean-Paul
Hungary: And Still They Fight Back! 3
Howe, Irving
Eruption in the Middle East 8
Diamond, Stanley
Postscripts on the Elections There Was a Sound of Revelry BY Night 12
Halsey, Margaret
The Spectacle is Over 18
Rosenberg, Bernard
"The Power Elite": Comment on Criticism 22
Mills, C. Wright
The American "Income Revolution" 35
Kolko, Gabriel
American Notebook The Mike in the Bosom 56
Hausknecht, Murray
Labor and Civil Liberties 59
Awner, Max
Historians in an Age of Acquiescence 64
Neumann, William L.
British Socialism: Ferment and Polemic 70
Arnold, G. L.
Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin 76
Sarel, Benno
With the Yiddish Writers in Siberia 88
Turner, Bernard
The Professor as Informer 91
Coser, Lewis
Ryza, Martin & Dryden, Theodore & Hawkins, Lester

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