Vol. 49 • September 2002 • No. 4

Editor's Page 1
Walzer, Michael
Identifies The Domestic Losers In The "War" Against Terrorism 5
Lafer, Gordon
Asks If The Democrats Can Salvage Anything From The Conservative Catastrophe And Visits A Convention Of Former Socialists 10
Meyerson, Harold
Calls For Democratic Controls On The Criminal Behavior Of Business Interests 16
Levinson, Mark
Urges The United States To Join The International Criminal Court 19
Islam is not the reason for failed democratization in the Arab world 21
Avineri, Shlomo
Defines The Four Wars Of Israel/Palestine 26
Walzer, Michael
Examines Citizenship In The Modern European State 33
Benhabib, Seyla
A Patriotic Left 41
Kazin, Michael
Dissenting from the American Empire 45
Rule, James B.
Hackers and the Battle for Cyberspace 50
Nissenbaum, Helen
Against Military Tribunals 58
Koh, Harold Hongju
How to Judge Future Judges 63
Levinson, Sanford
Pluralism, Truth, and Social Democracy 69
Trainor, Brian T.
Defends Political Pacifism 73
Steger, Manfred B.
Examines The Many Mistakes In The Fbi File On Irving Howe 79
Rodden, John
Looks at The Lonely Crowd 87
Phillips-Fein, Kim
Global Economics Classes 91
Faux, Jeff
Giving Feminism Life 95
Willis, Ellen
Appreciating Radical Liberalism 99
Gitlin, Todd
Plutocrats in the Free Market 102
Fraser, Steve
Letters 107
The Last Page 112
Urbinati, Nadia

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