Vol. 48 • September 2001 • No. 4

Editor's Page 4
Walzer, Michael
Weighs the public health risks of globalization 5
Levinson, Mark
Examines the subversion of citizenship 9
Hausknecht, Murray
Assesses mandated state testing of schoolchildren 12
Neill, Monty
Looks at the anti-globalization label 14
Smith, Jackie
Greets the new president of Serbia 18
Brunner, Kira
Proposes a nuclear plan for India 21
Bajpai, Kanti
Explores policies toward foreign workers in Hong Kong and Singapore 26
Bell, Daniel A.
Public Schools and the American Dream 35
Hochschild, Jennifer
Head Start: Vision and Reality 43
Terezakis, Katie
Reclaiming Urban Education 48
Fruchter, Norm
A GI Bill for Everybody 53
Reed, Adolph Jr.
Living Wage 101 59
Neumann, Rachel
Graduate Student Unions Fight the Corporate University 63
Lafer, Gordon
Women and the Metamorphoses of Times Square 71
Berman, Marshall
Redefining Power in the Global Age: Eight Theses 83
Beck, Ulrich
Ending Welfare, Continuing Poverty 90
Burke, Amy D.
The Politics of Software The Case of Open Source 96
DeLanda, Manuel
Thinking About the Antisweatshop Movement 100
Isaac, Jeffrey C.
Thinking About the Antisweatshop Movement: Responds 109
Featherstone, Liza
Thinking About the Antisweatshop Movement: Responds: Replies 112
Isaac, Jeffrey C.
The culture of apology 113
Mills, Nicolaus
Bread and Roses and Secrets of Silicon Valley 117
Kornblum, William & Quart, Leonard
C. Wright Mills's New Men of Power 121
Lichtenstein, Nelson
Barbara Ehrenreich's Nickel and Dimed and Jill Andresky Fraser's White-Collar Sweatshop 131
Robin, Corey
Rick Perlstein's Before the Storm 135
Gerstle, Gary
Jose Saramago's Blindness and All the Names 141
Kunkel, Benjamin
Joel Schwartz's Fighting Poverty With Virtue 144
Pimpare, Stephen
Andre Schiffrin's The Business of Books and Jason Epstein's Book Business 148
Mobley, Vanessa
Thomas Frank's One Market Under God 153
Fraser, Steve
Robert P. Moses and Charles E. Cobb, Jr.'s Radical Equations 157
Casey, Leo
The Last Page 160
Felton, Andrew

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