Vol. 47 • September 2000 • No. 4

Editor's Page 1
Walzer, Michael
The candidates 5
Meyerson, Harold
The cracking Washington Consensus 11
Levinson, Mark
Blair's conservatism 15
Lappin, Shalom
Gay rights in France 20
Martel, Frédéric
Washington's war in Colombia 24
Tate, Winifred
Mexico's neoliberal transition 28
Payne, Douglas W.
Resistance to Milosevic 32
Brunner, Kira
The Moral Demands of Global Justice 37
Pogge, Thomas W.
Governing the Globe 44
Walzer, Michael
Home Alone: Can America Play the Superpower Role? 53
Daniels, Robert V.
Social Democracy in One Country? 59
Therborn, Göran
Rediscovering Social Democracy 66
Berman, Sheri
50 Ways to Say You're Fired: Working in Italy and the U.S.A. 73
Barkan, Joanne
A Common Enemy: Students Fight Private Prisons 78
Featherstone, Liza
The Information Society, the New Economy, and the Hype 83
Rule, James B.
A 'Third Way" to Save the Kibbutz? 89
Rosner, Menachem
A 'Third Way" to Save the Kibbutz?: Reply 92
Brenner, Gary & Mort, Jo-Ann
Explores representations of the American Heartland 95
Howe, Nicholas
Lucky 102
Nelson, Ashley
Crossing Swords 105
Berman, Marshall
Norman Podhoretz's My Love Affair With America 108
Willis, Ellen
Jack Metzgar's Striking Steel 112
Hoerr, John
Philip Roth's The Human Stain 115
Gessen, Keith
Jim DeRogatis's Let It Blurt 120
Halberstadt, Alex
Edward Mendelson's Later Auden 123
Palattella, John
Letters 127
The Last Page 128
Phillips, Maxine

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