Vol. 47 • April 2000 • No. 2

Editor's Page 1
Walzer, Michael
The Longest Revolution 5
Rosen, Ruth
Differences between sixties' protests and the Seattle demonstrations 8
Epstein, Barbara
Questions the American left's take on globalization 13
Amsden, Alice
The anxieties of the Chinese regime 17
Wasserstrom, Jeffrey
Jorg Haider's grasp for power 23
Baubock, Rainer
Teaching multiculturalism in Singapore 27
Bell, Daniel A.
The chances for democracy in Croatia 34
Denitch, Bogdan
Cuba 36
Schiffrin, Anya
The Bridge at No Gun Ri 39
The Bridge at No Gun Ri: RESPONSES 44
Walzer, Michael
The Bridge at No Gun Ri: RESPONSES 45
Young, Marilyn B.
Unforgettable Vietnam 47
Gitlin, Todd
The Third Way/Die Neue Mitte: A Manifesto 51
Blair, Tony & Schroeder, Gerhard
WTO 101: Myths about the World Trade Organization 66
Smith, Jackie & Moran, Timothy Patrick
Prison Labor 71
Featherstone, Liza
Unions, Organizing, and Democracy 75
Sciacchitano, Katherine
When the Union's Inspiration ... Solidarity Remembered 82
Metzgar, Jack
Tactics and ethics in responses to globalization 89
Neumann, Rachel
Tactics and ethics in responses to globalization: Responds 93
Glenn, David
Tactics and ethics in responses to globalization: Replies 95
Neumann, Rachel
The city in contemporary film 97
Quart, Leonard & Kornblum, William
Jeffrey Scheuer's The Sound Bite Society 105
Winner, Langdon
Noam Chomsky's The New Military Humanism 109
Neier, Aryeh
Nicholas Lemann's The Big Test 113
Phillips-Fein, Kim
Jefferson's Cowie's Capital Moves 117
Freeman, Joshua B.
Simon Sadler's The Situationist City and AnseIm Jappe's Guy Debord 121
Wolin, Richard
The Last Page 128
Smithsimon, Greg

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