Vol. 46 • September 1999 • No. 4

Editor's Page 1
Walzer, Michael
Ten Years After 1989 5
Avineri, Shlomo
Ten Years After 1989 7
Berman, Marshall
Ten Years After 1989 8
Berman, Paul
Ten Years After 1989 10
Cohen, Mitchell
Ten Years After 1989 11
Fraser, Nancy
Ten Years After 1989 13
Heller, Agnès
Ten Years After 1989 14
Michnik, Adam
Ten Years After 1989 16
Ryan, Alan
Ten Years After 1989 18
Snitow, Ann
Who's really in charge of globalization 21
Levinson, Mark
Barak's dilemmas 25
Walzer, Michael
The trial of Ocalan 27
Marcus, Aliza
"When First We Practice to Deceive" 31
Rothstein, Richard
Rethinking Social Security Reform 37
Frank, Ellen
Democrats and Catholics 41
Steinfels, Margaret O'Brien
On Social Democracy 45
Broadbent, Edward
"It's Business, Man!" Unions and "Socially Responsible" Corporations 53
Featherstone, Liza
Talking About My Generation (and the Left) 58
Mattson, Kevin
David Stern's Cosmos 64
Cohen, Mitchell
The Second Sex fifty years later 69
Gornick, Vivian
A left-wing foreign policy 73
Roxborough, Ian
A left-wing foreign policy: Responds 75
Rule, James B.
Minors and First Amendment Rights 76
Elshtain, Jean Bethke
Minors and First Amendment Rights 78
Etzioni, Amitai
Minors and First Amendment Rights: Replies 80
Heins, Marjorie
Counters some myths about the women's movement 83
Epstein, Cynthia Fuchs
Explores merit, equality, and college funding 87
Zahra, Tara
Remember Joe Wood 91
Shatz, Adam
Remember Joe Wood 93
Morton, Brian
Defends the tabloids 95
Tomasky, Michael
Ellen Willis's Don't Think, Smile! 101
Scialabba, George
Micaela di Leonardo's Exotics at Home 106
Ortner, Sherry
Ralph Ellison's Juneteenth 112
Palattella, John
Jon Margolis's The Last Innocent Year 116
Perlstein, Rick
Hans Magnus Enzensberger's Zig Zag 120
Isenberg, Noah
Letters 124
The Last Page 128
Willis, Ellen

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