Vol. 46 • January 1999 • No. 1

Editor's Page 1
Cohen, Mitchell
Clinton's missing agenda 5
Meyerson, Harold
Our divided nation 8
Connolly, Peter
Welfare reform and the "Third Way," 14
Edelman, Peter
Wall Street con games 17
Sexton, Patricia Cayo
Feminist responses to the sex scandal 21
Allen, Jessie
Privacy 24
Bromwich, David
South Africa 29
Shapiro, Ian
Russia after Yeltsin 34
Daniels, Robert V.
Indian politics, gender, and the bomb 39
Basu, Amrita & Basu, Rekha
on feminist activism in El Salvador 43
Colburn, Forrest
Ethnic cleansing in Ethiopia 47
Calhoun, Craig
Transnational youth activism 51
Larimore-Hall, Daraka
A Cosmopolitical Manifesto 53
Beck, Ulrich
Who Needs Civil Society? A Feminist Perspective 56
Phillips, Anne
Rescuing Civil Society 62
Walzer, Michael
Feminists, Racketeers, and the First Amendment 68
Kaminer, Wendy
The Algebra Project and Democracy 72
Isaac, Jeffrey C.
Unions and Democracy: Replies to Steve Fraser 81
Aronowitz, Stanley
Unions and Democracy: Replies to Steve Fraser 84
Benson, Herman
Unions and Democracy: Replies to Steve Fraser 87
Haskell, Gordon K.
Unions and Democracy: Replies to Steve Fraser 88
Fraser, Steve
Art, elitism, and the Getty Center 91
Wiener, Jon
Bonnard and modernism 94
Dickstein, Morris
Paul Theroux's Sir Vidia's Shadow and Norman Podhoretz's Ex- Friends 99
Packer, George
Donald Sassoon's One Hundred Years of Socialism 105
Meyerson, Harold
Eric Alterman's Who Speaks for America? 110
Dahl, Robert
Zeev Sternhell's The Founding Myths of Israel 114
Penslar, Derek
Adolph Reed, Jr.'s W.E.B. Du Bois and American Political Thought 118
Montas, Fred
Stanley Aronowitz's From the Ashes of the Old 123
Lichtenstein, Nelson
Letters 127
The Last Page 128
Barkan, Joanne

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