Vol. 45 • September 1998 • No. 4

Editor's Page 1
Walzer, Michael
The World Economic Crisis 5
Levinson, Mark
Labor's priorities 6
Glenn, David
Burying the czar 8
Walzer, Michael
Hypocrisy in Washington 9
Cohen, Mitchell
Hope and hopelessness in Havana 11
Edelman, Marc
Nike in Indonesia 18
Ballinger, Jeff
Myths of Americanization in China 22
Wasserstrom, Jeffrey N.
Writing Iraqi history 27
Nakash, Yitzhak
The Meaning of Seneca Falls: 1848-1998 35
Lerner, Gerda
The Irrepressible Left 42
Blackburn, Robin
How Fast Track Was Derailed 47
Glenn, David
The Poverty of Workfare 53
Street, Paul
Communist Crimes and French Intellectuals 61
Rabinbach, Anson
The Campaign Against Land Mines 67
Isaac, Jeffrey C.
American Multiculturalism in the International Arena 73
Kymlicka, Will
Politics, Protest, and the Avant-Garde 80
Lehman, David
Our Scarlet Letter Complex 89
Mills, Nicolaus
When First I Knocked 95
Birkerts, Sven
Fathers and Sons 102
Kazin, Michael
On European Citizenship 107
Benhabib, Seyla
On European Citizenship 109
Rustin, Michael
On European Citizenship:Replies 112
Miller, David
Looks at feminist magazines for pre-teens and early teens 115
Phillips, Maxine
Alfred Kazin's autobiographies 119
Wood, Joe
Martha Nussbaum's Cultivating Humanity and Victor Davis Hanson and John Heath's Who Killed Homer? 128
Scialabba, George
Ian MacKillop's F. R. Leavis: A Life in Criticism 133
Mandler, Peter
Andre Liebich's From the Other Shore: Russian Social Democracy After 1921 137
Daniels, Robert V.
Letters 141
The Last Page 144
Berman, Marshall

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