Vol. 45 • July 1998 • No. 3

Editor's Page 1
C., M.
Examines second thoughts on affirmative action 5
Barkan, Joanne
Looks at the "Asian crisis," 10
Levinson, Mark
The Vatican's statement on the Holocaust 13
Heschel, Susannah
The Vatican's statement on the Holocaust 14
Steinfels, Margaret O'Brien
Memory and history in Guyana 17
Budhos, Marina
Jamaican politics 24
Payne, Douglas W.
Crime in Central America 27
Colburn, Forrest D.
Is Democracy Good for Unions? 33
Fraser, Steve
The Environment-Security Trap 40
Conca, Ken
The Left, the Nation-State, and European Citizenship 47
Miller, David
Dark Truth in Saddam's Iraq 52
Makiya, Kanan
Politicians and the Policing of Sexuality 61
Cohen, Jean & Arato, Andrew
Can HMOs Be Fixed? 67
Fein, Rashi
A Stranger in the Village: Coming of Age in a White College 75
Richards, Phillip M.
The Culture of Celebrity 81
Gitlin, Todd
Disagree on Tenure 85
Wrong, Dennis
Disagree on Tenure 87
Wiener, Jon
Watches Seinfeld 89
Mills, Nicolaus
Rereads R.H. Tawney's The Acquisitive Society 93
Collini, Stefan
J. Anthony Lukas's Big Trouble 101
Frank, Thomas
William Finnegan's Cold New World 104
Packer, George
Taylor Branch's Pillar of Fire 108
Carson, Clayborne
Norberto Bobbio's Left and Right 112
Scheuer, Jeffrey
Thomas I. Palley's Plenty of Nothing 115
Galbraith, James K.
Elisabeth Roudinesco's Jacques Lacan, Michel Foucault's Ethics: Subjectivity and Truth, and Myron Kofman's Edgar Morin 118
Wolin, Richard
David K. Shipler's A Country of Strangers 124
Chase, Edward T.
Letters 127
The Last Page 128
Glenn, David

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