Vol. 45 • January 1998 • No. 1

Editor's Page 1
Cohen, Mitchell
The Teamster elections and the fallout for the left 5
Meyerson, Harold
The defeat of fast-track 8
Levinson, Mark
The Promise Keepers on the Mall 10
Ribuffo, Leo P.
Hong Kong's transition to capitalism 15
Bell, Daniel A.
The future of the Mexican labor movement 23
Payne, Douglas W.
Markets, in their Place 29
Rule, James B.
A Marriage Disagreement 36
Shulman, Alix Kates
Pluralism and Social Democracy 47
Walzer, Michael
China in the American Imagination 54
Madsen, Richard
Tenure Trouble 60
Wiener, Jon
Is Judicial Review Good for the Left? 65
Tushnet, Mark
Berlin Mitte 71
Howe, Nicholas
Toward a Politics of Democratic Ambivalence 83
Isaac, Jeffrey C. & Cohen, Mitchell
On the Defense of Public Schools: Dilemmas in a Conservative Era 90
Rothstein, Richard & Graubard, Allen
The Communist Manifesto 101
Avineri, Shlomo
If there is a civic duty to go the theater 107
Geoghegan, Thomas
In workfare organizing 110
Glenn, David
Fred Siegel's The Future Once Happened Here 114
Currie, Elliott
David Horowitz's Radical Son 118
Berman, Paul
Don DeLillo's Underworld 124
Packer, George
E.P. Thompson's The Romantics 128
Bromwich, David
Keith B. Richburg's Out of America 134
Campbell, James T.
Michael Denning's The Cultural Front 139
Kazin, Michael
Letters 143
The Last Page 144
Barkan, Joanne

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