Vol. 44 • September 1997 • No. 4

Editor's Page 3
Walzer, Michael
Political prescriptions and fuzzy thinking 5
Packer, George
Democracy, campaign financing, and the Supreme Court 8
Okin, Susan Moller
What economists think about sweatshops 11
Levinson, Mark
The bashing of working parents 13
Barnett, Rosalind C. & Rivers, Caryl
Netanyahu's second year 17
Frankel, Jonathan
American consumerism and Russian markets 22
Isserman, Maurice
Cyprus 24
Marcus, Aliza
Can Liberalism Survive Clinton? 27
Meyerson, Harold
The Meanings of Citizenship 33
Kerber, Linda
Organizing Across Boundaries: Beyond Identity Politics 38
Gitlin, Todd
Commonwealth Democracy 41
Boyte, Harry C. & Kari, Nancy N.
Making Them Flinch: Five Riddles for the Labor Movement 51
Glenn, David
Global Capitalism and the Decay of Employment Policy 56
Brand, Horst
Democracy, Merit, and Presumptive Virtue 63
Bromwich, David
The Artist and the Citizen: Meyer Schapiro's Values 69
Dickstein, Morris
The Lure of Times Square 76
Berman, Marshall
The left is soft on crime 85
Tomasky, Michael
Responses 90
Currie, Elliott
Responses 92
Fuchs, Ester R.
Responses 93
Kennedy, Randall
Responses 95
Tomasky, Michael
Monumental correctness and the FDR Memorial 97
Mills, Nicolaus
Swings in politics 100
Wrong, Dennis
Grades as money 102
Vogel, Steven
One hundred years of the Bund 105
Brumberg, Abraham
Business magazines 107
Neff, Gina
David Boaz's Libertarianism: A Primer and Charles Murray's What It Means to Be a Libertarian: A Personal Interpretation 111
Willis, Ellen
Dani Rodrik's Has Globalization Gone Too Far? 119
Faux, Jeff
Roger Waldinger's Still the Promised City? 121
Kasinitz, Philip
The Last Page 128
Barkan, Joanne

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